OPTIMA – Eaquals Associate Member – holds their annual event in Sofia

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On 2 July 2016, OPTIMA, in partnership with Eaquals and British Council-Sofia, held a round table event in Sofia, Bulgaria, on Competition and Collaboration for Effective Management of Language Institutions.

There were 37 participants – managers and academic directors representing different language institutions from the country as well as representatives of other Associate Members of Eaquals.

Panagiota Bourtsoukli (OPTIMA) and Rebecca MAson (AiSLI)
Galya Mateva (OPTIMA) and Rebecca Brown (AISLi)

The programme included keynote speakers like Ms Rebecca Brown from AISLi, who talked about “Collaborative Competition: Reality or Utopia: The Italian Case Study”, Asimenia Featham and Panagiota Bourtsoukli from QLS-Greece, who gave a presentation titled “Leaders or Followers: The Greek Case”.

The round table continued with short talks from representatives of Bulgarian members of language institutions who elaborated on the networks and relations that they build with competitors like publishers, language institutions, private schools, national and international associations. The event ended up with the short film celebrating the 25 anniversary of Eaquals. There was a general feeling that synergy and collaboration will be needed if quality language services are to be provided Europe-wide.