Our work and expertise

Eaquals works to raise standards in all aspects of language education

We are expert in international accreditation, quality assurance, training and standardisation and we conduct research and create practical resources to develop language teaching and learning throughout the world.

Our conferences and professional events provide an international forum for the exchange and development of expertise in our field.

Our main activities

Developing practical resources

Eaquals works both with its own members and in partnership with other leading educational organisations in projects to develop new resources.

We are recognised as an authority on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and have produced a range of tools to assist with its practical implementation.

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We have developed a range of resources to support continuous professional development for language teachers, including two widely-used teacher competence frameworks – the European Profiling Grid (EPG) and the Eaquals Framework for Teacher Training and Development.

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Working for the public benefit

Eaquals advises the Council of Europe on language policy issues and is a member of the professional Network Forum at the European Centre for Modern Languages (ECML). We worked with the Council of Europe to improve language provision for adult migrants across its 47 member states.

We work with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), the Association of Language Testers in Europe (ALTE), the Japan Association for Management of Training and Education (JAMOTE) and the European Confederation of Language Centres in Higher Education (CercleS).

Delivering accreditation services

The Eaquals accreditation scheme provides guarantees of high quality for language learners studying in Eaquals accredited centres.

We organise regular inspections for language centres which wish to be Accredited Members of Eaquals and provide comprehensive support and advice for applicant institutions.

We also assist national and international bodies to develop their own accreditation schemes, designing quality standards, training inspectors and advising on the implementation of inspections.

Providing consultancy and training

We help good institutions to become even better. We provide extensive consultancy and training services to both member and non-member organisations in areas such as curriculum development, assessment, teacher development and academic management. We conduct quality audits and benchmarking for both private and public sector institutions.

Our events programme provides practical professional development for language education professionals and we offer tailor-made services to individual teaching centres as well as to national and international associations and organisations.

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Organising international conferences and meetings

 Eaquals organises a regular programme of conferences which provide an international forum for the exchange and development of expertise in the language education field. Our annual international conference is open to all – members and non-members alike.

Eaquals events are attended by language education professionals from around the world. They offer a stimulating programme for teachers, academic managers and centre directors and a chance to network with fellow practitioners with a shared commitment to quality.

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