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Katie Greig & Rachel Dowling: Using your local environment to build a PBL approach

Project Based Learning is a growing educational trend, due to the promotion of critical thinking skills and recognition of the value of learner autonomy and is now becoming seen as a useful tool in the language classroom. Projects can be used to exploit key language areas and encourages learners to work with the language inside and outside the classroom.The
emergence of technology in the classroom has made it possible for learners to research and present final products to a highstandard, yet using local resources and the local environment seems largely ignored as a source of engaging and enriching content.

In this session, we aim to explore ways to exploit a local environment in order to create a project which is placed, purposeful, pervasive and passion-led .Concrete examples of real world projects are shown based on our local environment of Dublin city centre and participants will be invited to plan and scaffold a real-world project and reflect on how their local environment can lend itself to interesting, engaging projects in the classroom and beyond.

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