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George Pickering: Communicating effectively with your team in a crisis

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Joanne Murphy

Joanne Murphy

Dr Murphy is the Interim Director of the William J. Clinton Leadership Institute and a Senior Lecturer in Queen’s Management School. Her research explores leadership, change and organisational development in politically volatile environments. She has written extensively on policing, organisational change and conflict diplomacy.

Joanne holds a PhD from the School of Business, Trinity College, Dublin and is a frequent contributor to national and international media outlets in the areas of leadership, change and resilience. She is a Fellow of the Senator George Mitchell Institute for the Study of Conflict Transformation and Social Justice (QUB) and Chair of the British Academy of Management’s Organisational Transformation Change and Development Special Interest Group. Joanne’s research has been published in world leading management and political science journals. She is the author of two books: Public Management and Complexity Theory (2011); Policing for Peace in Northern Ireland: Change, Conflict and Community Confidence (2013). Her new book Managing at the Extremes: Leadership and Change in Conflict and Transition is forthcoming in 2020.

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