Our Mission

Fostering excellence in language education

Eaquals provides practical guidance and support to both teaching institutions and individuals through Eaquals Accreditation.

Our Members

Sharing knowledge and expertise to further innovation

Eaquals brings together language teaching centres and leading educational organisations. Our members pursue the highest standards reflected in our Accreditation scheme.

Thom outlines the reach of Eaquals and the benefits of membership.
Thom Kiddle, Eaquals Chair
Our Expertise

Recognition at international level

We are expert in quality assurance, academic management, teacher development and the CEFR. We work to benefit language education worldwide.

Mike summarises the expert knowledge within Eaquals which benefits the industry as a whole.
Eaquals Associate Member, Pearson (represented by Mike Mayor)

Ensuring good language centres become excellent language centres

Eaquals is a world leader in accreditation for language teaching organisations and ourĀ  accreditation is the gold standard for language centres and a highly-respected badge of excellence.

Ludka summarises the steps involved in accreditation and the areas covered by the scheme.
Ludka Kotarska, Eaquals Inspector