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Abeer Ali Okaz: A roadmap to PD

It is important for the educational management to ensure a balance between productivity and professional development so they go side by side. Professional development (PD) comes in different forms and teachers have a wide range of options to choose from. There are usually challenges that come along when managers discuss and/or propose PD opportunities to their staff, one of which would be lack of understanding the teachers’ individual professional needs. In order for managers to appropriately assist teachers select what is best for them, and for teachers to actively engage in PD, both need to work on creating profiles as educators. This profile is helpful in understanding one’s potentials and threats as well as defining short and long-term goals. Today’s workshop will start by looking into the rationale behind creating a profile and tips into starting it. The next stage of the workshop will focus on the three phases that teachers need to go through to better understand their professional needs and interests. Each phase works towards developing them as teachers to identify their specific career goals. Finally, the workshop will provide attendees with a variety of ideas to choose from without having to always spend money on PD.

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