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Carsten Booth: What if teaching kids and teens online could be even more efficient than in person?

Despite in-depth training sessions, cutting-edge technology, and the much-acclaimed promise of teaching students anywhere in the world, teachers who encounter teaching kids and teens online for the first time sometimes think that it is a meagre substitute to traditional, in-person teaching.

But, what if the constraints unique to this digital medium were not a disadvantage to learners and teachers, but instead a unique opportunity that could yield even better results than in physical classrooms? What if deeper forms of concentration, increased levels of practice and above all, better learning were not just possible, but are already happening, and will only grow in the near future?

During this webinar, come discover the hidden potential of this medium, how it can foster accelerated language learning for younger learners, and learn practical examples that you can use right away in your own teaching.

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