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Chris Farrell: Using the EPG for Collaborative Reflection

The EPG is a fantastic tool for reflection on the fundamental aspects of teacher competence. It can give the user a clear path towards further development and make them aware of areas of their teaching which they may need to focus on.

Unfortunately it can seem a little intimidating for teachers to use, especially when considering the practical aspect of each of the stated competencies.

In CES we have engaged in what we call Group Learning Walks in order to encourage Collaborative Reflection. This is essentially when a group of five teachers take a day each to observe the other four and every day we all meet and reflect upon the observations. The whole project is rooted in a supported reflection and completion of the EPG for each individual teacher and the feedback sessions are done with reference to different aspects of the EPG.

The main aim of this is not only to encourage an ethos of reflective vulnerability among the teachers and to give them some new ideas to work with, but it also to negotiate and reflect upon what certain teacher competencies look like ‘in action’.

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