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Arum Perwitasari: Increasing Young Learner Communicative Competence: Selecting Effective Activities

During this webinar, we will discuss the qualities of meaningful, effective English language learning activities.

One of the qualities we will introduce is “Creating a Comfortable and Communicative Classroom.” For young learners, a safe environment to communicate in English is very important. However, an activity that students may enjoy might not always be effective.

The webinar will present some activities using the name Creating a Comfortable and Communicative Classroom, or CCCC for short. These activities aim to help teachers create an environment where students are comfortable participating in their second or even third or fourth language. The activities are mapped to one of ETS’s assessments, the TOEFL Primary Test Communication goals and enabling skills and abilities and are based on current research. They are designed to be flexible and fit into the classroom in different points of a lesson.

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