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Loraine Kennedy – Coaching and Mentoring Skills for Managers

Nowadays, coaching and mentoring skills are considered vital for all leaders in today’s workplace. Whether you are helping others to achieve their ambitions, develop new skills and competences, or overcome the problems and challenges they face at work, coaching is an excellent process by which to achieve these goals.

The main objective of this webinar is an attempt to motivate you to develop your coaching abilities to your full potential! This webinar hopefully will help you to get the ball rolling! It clarifies what coaching is and when it is useful, and describes the key success criteria of coaching, whilst also explaining why it is not as easy in practice as it seems on paper! We look at the differences between coaching and mentoring, versus more directional leadership styles. The webinar  introduces some of the main points about emotional intelligence and shows how these relate to the topic. It also presents some ideas on how to learn and develop the skills for the role.

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