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Sonali Bhattacharyya: Methods and Strategies for teaching Visual Representation

While the ability to look at, understand, interpret and create visuals goes back to the earliest of civilizations, never more than today has learning drawn from alternative modes,  in addition to the printed text, audio and video formats. There are newer visual texts like the vine, kinetic typography, infographic, mash up, augmented reality, meme, emoji, and the doodle,  that learners at all levels are exposed to, due to their engagement with the digital world. These modes can become potential tools in the hands of a language teacher when it comes to representing data, information, processes, abstractions, relations, categories, and causal connections. Since cognitive structures need to be eventually articulated through the productive processes of speaking and writing, these graphic expressions may be depended on to leave stronger imprints on the recipient. This webinar proposes to explore some of the tools and strategies that may be showcased to learners to help them articulate better in the classroom and beyond. Teacher-participants will try and evolve a methodology for harnessing and fitting these components to the constructivist and learner-centred approaches used for classroom and self-access purposes, by trying out some hands-on tasks.  

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