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Jo Margaret Gillespie: Moving into management – what do teachers need from initial training?

The ever-growing global English Language Teaching sector is an established profession with specialised qualifications for teachers. This is now being mirrored at the management level by the development of specific courses for English Language Teaching (ELT) academic managers. It is common that high-performing ELT teachers move or are moved into management roles. This webinar presents the findings of a small-scale case study investigating the initial training that is available for those teachers. The study aimed to establish an understanding of what makes an effective academic manager in an English Language Teaching Organisation (ELTO) and investigated how initial training impacts feelings of self-efficacy and effectiveness in the role. The implications are that while available training courses cover the main topics, the most impactful training comes when academic managers are able to both shadow an effective academic manager, and access just-in-time training when needed, for targeted continuous professional development.

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