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Nadine Early: Speaking Beyond the Classroom: A case study in speaking portfolios

When our schools reopened in the autumn of 2021 everyone was happy to get back into the classroom, to teach and learn in a face-to-face environment once again. But we returned to the classroom with a much larger repertoire of tools and techniques, and a greater understanding of how technology can help us teach and learn. What was clear to us was just how many opportunities existed for students to engage in independent learning, using a myriad of digital tools at their disposal. Selecting a few of our favourite tools we set about creating short training programmes for our students, offering guidance on how to take their classroom learning beyond the confines of the four walls and to develop independently as lifelong language learners.

This webinar will present a case study on implementing digital portfolios for speaking practice among adult learners of English. We will look at the training offered to students in creating a digital portfolio, and in the use of different tools for creating spoken portfolio artefacts. We will also look at task ideas for extending classroom speaking practice, possibilities for assessment, and the role of reflection within the portfolio.

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