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Sue Hackett: Surfing the Wave of Artificial Intelligence to enhance language learning (rather than circumnavigating it!)

The genie is well out of the bottle at this stage! Artificial Intelligence in its many forms and types is here and we have to ‘surf the wave’ as cleverly and proactively as we can, to enable learners to use GenAI responsibly to improve and enhance their learning including the evidence of this having taken place, rather than to circumnavigate and falsify the evidence of that learning.

This webinar is designed to look forward, examining what we as educators can do to create a compass of choice for learners and to promote and support ethical use and learner agency in engaging with GenAI. Building learner and educator understanding and resilience to the onslaught of the malevolent actors online is crucial in tandem with this – the threat to online learning cannot be eradicated but it can be mitigated, and possibly also peripheralised.

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