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Sue Sheerin – Story-telling: a great resource for language teaching

This webinar aims to help teachers discover what a great resource stories and story-telling can be in language teaching for all age groups and at levels. It explores:

  • The universality and importance of story-telling in our everyday lives from personal anecdotes to news bulletins
  • The motivational power of using stories in language teaching
  • The practical value of oral story-telling in the classroom, for example in moving beyond the course book, and in providing live listening practice – easier for students and low-tech!
  • The use of story-telling to develop both linguistic and communicative skills in students, including structures, lexis and the four skills
  • Tricks and techniques for teachers to build their own performance skills, so that they become confident and enthralling story-tellers in the classroom
  • What makes a good story for language teaching and where to look find them

In short, telling stories aloud is an effective method of motivating students while developing their language skills in a creative and fun way.

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