Implementing the CEFR: course design and assessment

Eaquals is widely recognised as an authority on the CEFR and its implementation. Eaquals personnel have played a leading role in developing the CEFR and introducing its use in language education. This experience, along with our ongoing work in the accreditation of institutions offering CEFR-oriented language courses, has enabled Eaquals to develop unique expertise in the practical application of the CEFR for course design, teaching and assessment. Our consultancy and training programmes  cover the following areas in relation to the CEFR:


  • Using CEFR descriptors to design language learning programmes
  • Evaluating and designing assessments to comply with testing principles
  • Mapping and standardising assessments to CEFR levels
  • Mapping assessments to a syllabus and learning outcomes
  • Training teachers to apply the CEFR accurately in assessment

We work with an international team of expert trainers and consultants. We start by understanding your needs and defining your goals. This ensures we develop and adapt the programme and materials designed for your specific needs and context.

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