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Apply for Eaquals Individual Membership

Eaquals welcome applications for individual membership from professionals who wish to contribute to our educational work and who:

  • have made a substantial contribution to Eaquals projects but do not work for an organisation that is an Accredited or Associate Member of Eaquals
  • once worked for an Eaquals Accredited or Associate Member and have now left their employment but who wish to continue to play a part in the Association
  • can demonstrate that they have made a significant contribution to language education outside the work of our Association

Benefits of Eaquals Individual Membership

  • participation in Eaquals events and projects at the published Members’ rate
  • access to the Eaquals professional network
  • access to Eaquals resources (for personal use only)
  • access to annual bursary for conference attendance
  • access to Eaquals webinar series resources stored in the members area of the website
  • access to Eaquals Individual Member logo which can be used as part of personal email signature

Apply for Individual Membership

If you wish to apply, please complete the application form here. We look forward to hearing from you!

Individual Members undertake to uphold the Eaquals Charter Individual  Members EnglishThey pay a small membership fee – currently EUR80 per year.