Our aims and mission

Fostering excellence in language education across the world

Our mission

To foster excellence in language education across the world by providing guidance and support to teaching institutions and individuals.

Our aims

  • To improve the experience of language learners by developing quality standards for the teaching of modern languages
  • To deliver accreditation against these standards for providers of language education
  • To develop practical resources, and offer training and support for those working in the field of modern languages

Our values

  • To serve the interests of language learners worldwide
  • To promote all languages and cultures
  • To foster international cooperation and understanding
  • To encourage personal and professional development
  • To uphold openness and transparency
  • To support fair dealing and professional service

Language learning for Global Citizenship

Eaquals subscribes to the Council of Europe’s principles on Language Learning for European Citizenship; to facilitate the free movement of people and ideas; to increase mutual knowledge and understanding; to increase the quantity and quality of international cooperation; and to combat prejudice and intolerance towards peoples of different languages and cultures.

Through our strong educational principles and values, Eaquals has become the leading professional association for language education throughout the world.