Associate members

Associate Members bring a wealth of professional expertise to our network

Associate Members are national and international organisations with considerable involvement and professional achievement in the field of international education and language learning. Eaquals Associate Members share the Eaquals commitment to quality, take an active part in our projects and bring a wealth of professional expertise to our network.

Responsibilities and rights of Eaquals Associate Membership

Associate Members of Eaquals:

  • undertake to uphold the Eaquals Charter for Associate Members
  • are encouraged to attend the Eaquals Annual General Meeting
  • may  have a representative stand for election to Eaquals Board of Trustees
  • have voting right in meetings of the Association
  • examination boards must adhere to the additional listed criteria

Benefits of Eaquals Associate Membership

  • Opportunities to form local and international partnerships, providing further recourse to market intelligence.
  • Participate in projects at global level e.g. Common European Framework of Reference for Languages as well as all Eaquals development projects
  • Increased brand recognition in more than 25 languages
  • Opportunity to access Eaquals Member Event funding
  • Annual Eaquals International Conference provides the opportunity to connect with international media related to the sector e.g. EL Gazette, The PIE.
  • Eaquals presence at international fairs and representation at events worldwide in a variety of contexts, raises our profile and works to make members visible
  • Attend all meetings, conferences and events at published Members’ rates
  • Access to the Eaquals professional network
  • Access to Eaquals resources via the Members area of the Eaquals website
  • Use of Eaquals Associate Member logo