Accredited Membership

We welcome applications from institutions that are committed to excellence in language education

Eaquals is a world leader in accreditation for language teaching organisations. Eaquals accreditation is the gold standard for language centres and a highly-respected badge of excellence. The Eaquals Scheme is based on the Eaquals Charters and the Quality Standards.

Eaquals accreditation is designed to be relevant to all types of language teaching organisations and applies to the teaching of all languages. We accredit both private and state-run centres and we operate in any country.

Eaquals Support – helping good language centres become even better

Our quality scheme is more than just a system for accrediting institutions. We aim to make a constructive contribution to the improvement of the organisations we inspect and our inspection reports provide a blueprint for further institutional developmentEaquals accreditation makes a valuable contribution to quality in your institution and provides a rewarding professional experience.

Benefits of Eaquals Accreditation & Membership

  • Enhanced international recognition and the market advantage that comes with being a verified centre of excellence
  • A blueprint for future improvement and development
  • Opportunities to form local and international partnerships. This provides further recourse to market intelligence and can open channels for promotion of courses to potential markets, leading to increased student numbers.
  • Support to apply the principles and levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages
  • Specialised staff training through access to online materials
  • Training & Professional Development at our annual training event which is organised at the Eaquals members’ meeting in November
  • Webinars for members: training on topics of marketing, management and teaching
  • CPD recognition scheme available for staff members

An over-arching benefit, as an Eaquals accredited member, is enhanced international recognition and the market advantage that comes with being a verified centre of excellence. This international awareness is constantly growing through:

  • Growth of our global network of language educators in over 30 countries
  • Increased brand recognition in more than 25 languages
  • Social media presence & promotion with a dedicated Communications Officer
  • Opportunity to take part in the annual Eaquals Teacher Award Scheme for members
  • Annual Eaquals International Conference provides the opportunity to connect with international media related to the sector e.g. EL Gazette, The PIE.
  • Eaquals presence at international fairs and representation at events worldwide in a variety of contexts, which raises our profile and works to make members visible

Apply for Eaquals Accreditation

If you wish to apply, please read the information on accreditation here which will guide you to the enquiry form link. We look forward to hearing from you!