Training & consultancy

Eaquals provides expert consultancy and tailor-made training

We work at national and international level as well as with individual teaching centres and are expert in the following areas:

Quality assurance schemes for language education

Eaquals has been designing and applying quality standards for language education since 1991. We have assisted a number of national associations to develop and set up their own inspection systems, as well as operating our own highly-respected accreditation scheme. We work within ISO to develop standards for quality management in educational organisations.

Sample topics:

  • Designing quality standards and quality assurance indicators
  • Setting up inspector training and moderation schemes
  • Training inspectors and inspector trainers
  • Benchmarking teaching institutions against quality standards
  • Providing advice on introducing and managing internal quality assurance systems

We also provide an extensive support and resources for institutions applying to become Eaquals Accredited Members.

Academic management

Eaquals has developed a series of training workshops and seminars that focus on common areas of need and interest to academic managers. Training can be adapted to the needs of experienced managers who wish to refresh their skills as well as to newly appointed staff.

Sample topics:

  • Institutional self-assessment
  • Managing the teaching team
  • Performance review
  • The role of the Director of Studies

Continuing professional development for language teachers

Eaquals is well known for its expertise and work in post-qualification professional development for language teachers. We have worked with partners to develop widely used international tools and frameworks for mapping and assessing language teacher competences, The European Profiling Grid and the Eaquals Framework for Language Teacher Training and Development. We are regularly invited to advise on the application of these tools.

Sample topics:

  • Using the European Profiling Grid in your institution
  • Designing in-service training schemes and CPD for language teachers
  • Introducing teacher observation schemes

We also deliver workshops on specific areas of teaching, such as:

  • Practical behaviour management
  • Working with teens
  • Developing listening skills
  • Teaching presentation skills
  • Advanced learners
  • Working with authentic materials

Implementing the CEFR – course design and assessment

Eaquals is widely recognised as an authority on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and its practical implementation. We can provide expert advice on applying the principles and levels of the CEFR both in course design and assessment.

Sample topics:

  • Using CEFR descriptors to design language learning programmes
  • Calibrating entry and progress tests to the CEFR
  • Training teachers to apply the CEFR accurately in assessment
  • Designing assessment tasks in all four skills
  • Best practice in non-formal assessment