Training Programmes

LAPP Assessment Training


The LAPP assessment training aims to equip teachers with the necessary knowledge and skills to bridge the gap in assessment expertise. The initial training of teachers often neglects the crucial aspect of assessment literacy, hindering their ability to effectively evaluate student progress, offer valuable feedback, and guide instructional strategies. To address this gap, Eaquals, in collaboration with ALTE, Mint Digital, and Hueber Publishing, has created the Language Assessment Professionalisation Programme (LAPP).

Built on the ALTE Principles of Good Practice 2020 and aligned with the Assessment Competency levels of the European Profiling Grid (EPG), the LAPP guides participants from 1.1 to 2.1 on the EPG scale. It offers an online, self-directed learning platform and upon completion of this free course, participants receive a Certificate of Attendance.

The programme training consists of five comprehensive modules covering key principles and issues in assessment, with a strong focus on classroom assessment. These modules help participants evaluate the fairness and reliability of assessments, gain confidence in assessing productive skills, and understand the importance of feedback. This structured approach ensures that educators are well-prepared to implement effective assessment strategies in their teaching practices.

The LAPP assessment training is designed to attract a wide range of participants, including trainee teachers, current educators, and Academic Managers. It appeals to individuals across various educational sectors, particularly those involved in language education. As a valuable resource, it supports independent teachers and assists Academic Managers in integrating language assessment into their professional development programs.

By enhancing educators’ assessment literacy, the LAPP assessment training aims to improve student learning experiences and provide a structured pathway for professional growth. This initiative not only benefits teachers by equipping them with essential skills but also positively impacts language education.