Rachael Jones: Making a Success of Rolling Enrolment


Many schools in Britain now operate on a rolling enrolment basis. While this presents many challenges, there are also many opportunities for teaching and learning. The aim of this session is to discuss ways of diversifying practice for both teachers and managers so that rolling enrolment can benefit our institutions.

This talk will address:

The challenges

Our aims and intentions based on what has been learnt at Bell from feedback and observations

What can be measured and assessed on a rolling enrolment course

The role teachers and managers play in supporting the learning journey our students go on

What rolling enrolment means in terms of class dynamics, altering practice and plans, and teachers’ Continuing Professional Development)

This presentation offers some practical ideas for delegates to consider and is aimed at less experienced managers

Rachael Jones

DELTA qualified since 2014 and now Deputy Teaching and Learning Manager at Bell Cambridge. From 2009, Rachael was a teacher in language schools, state schools and universities, and has worked in academic management since 2015. She is now a teacher-trainer on CELTA courses, a manager and trainee-counsellor specializing in mental illness and bereavement.