The Eaquals 30th Anniversary Archives – Our memories

The Eaquals 30th Anniversary Archives – Our memories

Over the years we have held a number conferences and member meetings and are now putting our photos of these get togethers in one place as part of the 30th Anniversary archives. We will be adding to these on a regular basis so make sure to send us your photos for inclusion (

Eaquals @30 – a Slideshow of Eaquals conferences

Eaquals 30th Anniversary Conference 2021 – Belfast, United Kingdom

Eaquals International Conference 2015 – Malaga, Spain

Eaquals International Conference, 2014 – Belgrade, Serbia

Eaquals International Conference 2014 – Budapest, Hungary

Eaquals International Conference 2013 – Dublin, Ireland

Eaquals Members’ Meeting 2012 – Münich, Germany

Eaquals International Conference 2012 – Barcelona, Spain

Eaquals 25th Anniversary Meeting 2011 – Trieste, Italy 

Eaquals International Conference 2011 – Prague, Czech Republic

Eaquals Members’ meeting – November 2010, London UK at Eurocentres London

Eaquals International Conference, April 2010, Berlin, Germany

Eaquals Members’ meeting – November 2009, Graz, Austria at ECML

Eaquals International Conference, April 2009, Istanbul, Turkey

Eaquals Members’ meeting – November 2007, Budapest, Hungary at Goethe Institut

Eaquals International Conference, April 2007, Krakow, Poland

Eaquals Conference 2004, München, Germany

Eaquals Conference 2003, Antibes, France

Eaquals Conference 1999, Jameson’s Dublin, Ireland