The Eaquals Scholarship Scheme 2022 – Application Form

  • Submit your proposal by 1 March 2022
  • Section 1: List of eligibility criteria

    (i) The applicant is the employee of an Eaquals accredited member LEC.

    (ii) The applicant is a practising teacher or teacher educator in their current role.

    (iii) The applicant is not in receipt of any other form of sponsorship by a third party for the attendance of this event (apart from the support of the applicant institution).

    (iv) The applicant has not been in receipt of this award in the previous calendar year.

    (v) The applicant agrees to the following:

    - attend the conference dinners and assist with social media promotion of events

    - attend social events for new members and assist with welcoming new members

    - assist with social media promotion of conference

    - submit a personal report of minimum 400 words on highlights of the conference within 4 weeks of the conference end, which can be published on the Eaquals website