Eaquals links with CercleS

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CerclesEaquals has established new partnership links with CercleS, the European Confederation of Language Centres in Higher Education, with a view to exploring areas of common interest and to support language learning in the university sector.

Founded in 1991, CercleS is a confederation of independent associations from 22 countries in Europe. It brings together some 290 Language Centres, Departments, Institutes, Faculties or Schools in Higher Education whose main responsibility is the teaching of language. CercleS is committed to the highest possible standards in language education and research and, along with Eaquals, is a member of the Professional Network Forum at the European Centre for Modern Languages.

Its aims are to support language centres in European establishments of higher education; to promote research in foreign language learning at international level and to encourage international and interdisciplinary cooperation between language centres in order to enable them to co-ordinate the pursuit of their objectives. See www.cercles.org

In the photo, Gillian Mansfield, president of CercleS signs the Memorandum of Cooperation, witnessed by Sarah Aitken, Executive Director of Eaquals and CercleS Executive members Raija Elsinen and Liliana Dorna.

We look forward in the next few months to exploring ways of cementing our relationship.

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