Associates in Action

Explore the valuable resources and collaborative opportunities provided by Eaquals associate members, aimed at keeping you informed and competitive in the language industry. From practical teaching techniques to insights on industry trends, our associate members offer valuable support for your professional development.

LanguageCert: CEFR-Aligned Assessments for Global Success

LanguageCert, an Eaquals Associate Member, provides CEFR-aligned English tests for study, work, and migration, available globally online and at test centers, support educational and and career advancement.

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Avallain’s Approach to EdTech for Language Education

Avallain, a Swiss-based EdTech provider and Eaquals Associate Member, offers innovative, customizable e-learning platforms for language education. Their global team enhances educational outcomes with advanced digital tools.

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Altissia’s Approach: Innovative Language Learning Solutions

Altissia, an Eaquals Associate Member, specializes in distance language learning projects using innovative technologies, collaborating closely with academia to ensure excellence and offering courses in 25 languages and proficiency tests in 29.

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Avant: Advancing Language Proficiency with Inclusivity and Innovation

Avant Assessment, an Eaquals Associate Member, stands out for its commitment to enhancing language proficiency globally through innovative assessments and inclusive practices, fostering partnerships to empower educators and learners alike.

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