Three new books from Eaquals on language education management

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Oxford University Press (OUP), an Associate Members of Eaquals, is publishing of a new series of books in collaboration with Eaquals called ‘Language Education Management’. The books are aimed at academic managers and directors of studies working in all sectors of language education.

The three titles are:
• Language Teaching Competences by Richard Rossner, published in spring 2017 and launched at the Eaquals conference in Riga in April.
• Language Course Management, also by Richard Rossner (to appear in autumn 2017)
• Language Course Planning by Brian North, with Ela Jarosz, Mila Angelova and Richard Rossner (to be published in 2018)

The three books, each of which contains activities for thought and reflection, introduce and elucidate key areas of Eaquals’ work on quality and effectiveness in language education. These areas cut across several of the twelve aspects of language education and language travel which are focused on in the Eaquals accreditation scheme standards, against which the nearly 140 accredited members of Eaquals are regularly audited.