Eaquals at International Language Symposium, Brno

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Eaquals was pleased to be represented by Jo Watson at the International Language Symposium Brnoheld from 1 – 3 June. Jo gave a short presentation on the benefits of being an Eaquals member and also a ran a workshop entitled Dyslexia/Dyspraxia/ADHD – Raising Awareness.

The aim of the workshop was to raise awareness of learning differences, to identify how we can be sensitive to these differences and how that can affect our teaching and to explore how basic EFL teaching principles facilitate learning for all.

The workshop provided the opportunity for attendees to experience the frustration learners with differences often feel by putting themselves in the learner’s shoes. Jo identified the common factors in all three learning differences and then linked these to the classroom management techniques we would expect to be seen in any language classroom. Emphasis was put on this because by truly implementing techniques, e.g. clear instruction with checking understanding; giving learners thinking time to process information, providing handouts of what has been covered in a lesson etc., all learners benefit and learners with differences are not ‘labelled’.

The talk was well-attended and feedback has been very positive with several participants requesting the materials to use in their own TD sessions. Many attendees have been in touch with Jo since then to get more information.