Vice President of Alpha Beta Piccadilly Receives Honour

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Alpha beta piccadilly vice president, Aldo Mazza, was among 12 personalities from the fields of culture, economics and society from North and South Tyrol honoured on 20th February in Innsbruck for their special services to the region.

The reasons for this decoration are taken from the awarding ceremony:

Over the last 30 years Aldo Mazza has made a name for himself encouraging the two South Tyrolean language groups to live together rather than just to coexist and for this he has been decorated by the Province of Tyrol.

100 years after the region was divided following the First World War, the award of the decoration to Aldo Mazza, a native of southern Italy, has a special significance. He came to South Tyrol some 50 years ago and with the founding of the Alpha & Beta Cooperative created an organisation that has always aimed at promoting intercultural communication and multilingualism. Today the cooperative runs both a language school and a publishing house. Really living together is an art, with language skills being only the first step along this path. Aldo Mazza’s decades-long endeavours to achieve this have received official recognition with this decoration of the Province of Tyrol.