Get to Know: Joanna Watson

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‘NEVER be afraid to ask! In my mind there are NO stupid questions’

Could you tell us something about your early career in the language teaching sector?

I started my career as a primary school teacher before travelling t to Kuwait with my husband, where I taught in a private primary school. I needed a challenge so I did my Prep Cert TEFLA at the British Council in Kuwait. I then returned to UK and spent 3 years working as a manager in community education with responsibility for ESOL. I joined my husband in Bahrain in 1993 and worked for the British Council, A couple of years later I moved to the Emirates, still working for the British Council; and later for Emirates Bank Group, where I developed a Business English programme.

I left Emirates in 2003 and came back to the UK where I worked for IH Newcastle, a Senior trainer with Northumbria Police then a Manager of the ESOL team Newcastle all between 2003 and 2007;. In 2007 went to work for IH Zurich for 3 years and on my return to the UK I went freelance.

I became an inspector for Eaquals in 2001, was a member of the Accreditation panel, became Director of Accreditations and hen was elected onto the board as an Eaquals Trustee. At the same time I also became an IH visitor and CELTA tutor. Purely on the language side I have been a volunteer tutor for ESOL and Literacy, a part-time English language teacher, a full time English language teacher. a senior teacher, an ADoS, a DoS and an Academic Director/Principal and loved every minute!

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