Eaquals Event Speaker Report: HELTA

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Julie Wallis represented Eaquals at the HELTA conference ENGLISH AT WORK which took place in Hamburg on 1st September. The event welcomed over 100 delegates, including in-company Business English teachers from Northern Europe.


Presentation Title:Managers, Leaders and Listening Skills

Presentation by: Julie Wallis, The London School, Thiene

Abstract: In all walks of life and in any language listening is a skill. Good listening skills are what makes a business person a true professional, whether talking to clients or colleagues. Transferring these skills into a second language needs thought and the teacher needs to take a new look at how to practice these skills so that it will be of benefit to the learner in the workplace.
In this talk we will look at the theory of active listening and how to apply this theory to interactive listening activities to support learners, develop top down and bottom up processing and ensure self-confidence