Meet the Trainer – Chris Moore

Introducing Chris Moore

Chris Moore is founder and Managing Director of Specialist Language Courses (SLC). SLC is the UK’s leading provider of Medical English training, publishing a portfolio of online courses and study materials and providing specialist teacher-led training using a network of virtual classrooms.

SLC works with NHS Trusts, private healthcare groups, international medical universities, pharmaceutical companies and medical professionals. SLC has also published online English language courses for Oil & Gas and Safety at Work.

Training for Excellence Strand Information

Building opportunities: making decisions on strategy, resources and implementation

Language training organisations work in a fast-changing, increasingly unpredictable business environment. Identifying and building viable growth opportunities requires a clear strategy, aligned resources and an implementation plan. In this session, participants work together on articulating one or two key growth opportunities for their business. These may be new products or services, new audiences, or the consolidation and deepening of an existing business channel.

Participants then explore how to create, or further extend, sustainable competitive advantage around these opportunities. As part of this, they examine what resources are required – assets, people, partnerships and financial – what risks need to be addressed and mitigated, and what their next steps may be. During the session, participants will use a range of analytical tools to support their thinking, looking both at external markets and at internal resources as well as sharing insights from each other’s experience and knowledge. These toolsinclude the Ansoff Matrix, Porter’s Five Forces, PESTEL, the Business Model Canvas and a risk audit matrix.

By the end of the session, participants will have clearly articulated one or two growth opportunities for their businesses, have developed a coherent strategic approach to exploiting these opportunities, understand what resources are required, and what risks need to be addressed. They will take awaytools and approaches that can be used in the future and that can be shared with business partners and colleagues.

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