Eaquals joint webinars with Oxford University Press

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As announced on the website, Mila Angelova, Ela Jarosz and Richard Rossner ran two webinars on the three books in the OUP-Eaquals series on language education management. They are Language Course Planning, Language Course Management, and Language Teaching Competences. The first was written by a team comprising Brian North, Mila Angelova, Ela Jarosz and Richard Rossner; the other two were written by Richard Rossner. All are inspired by the work of several different Eaquals projects involving different teams of colleagues over the years. The authors and Eaquals are very grateful for that inspiration.

The webinars each attracted around 300 participants from all over the world. If you missed the webinars but would like to view one of them, please click here.

If you would also like to view/download the contents of any of the books and look at the additional activities on the websites for each title, you can sign up for free as a member of the Oxford Teachers’ Club here . You can then use the A-Z list of resources to find the titles above and the related resources.”