The British School FVG and NILE sign MOU

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Eaquals Accredited Members The British School FVG in Trieste and Norwich Institute for Language Education (NILE) took advantage of the annual conference in Madrid to sign a Memorandum of Understanding to work together on projects including teacher development, academic management, and research. The collaboration arose after discussions at Eaquals events over the past three years, and a mutual commitment to excellence in language education and professional development.

Director of The British School FVG and Eaquals Founder Chair, Peter Brown, said, β€œOur agreement plays to the great strengths of both institutions, which share core Eaquals values, to help everyone in the profession – be they state or private sector – on the path towards Joint Professional Development (JPD)”.

NILE Director Thom Kiddle added, β€œOne of the great things about Eaquals is that it brings together organisations with shared beliefs and opens up new possibilities for each one, through cooperation, innovation, and sharing and development of resources, programmes and knowledge.”