Member Event Report: MAQS, 31st Education and Book Fair, Skopje

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“On the 31st Education and Book Fair which took place in Skopje, Republic of N. Macedonia, 70 publishing houses from Macedonia, Hungary, Serbia, Kosovo, Albania and Denmark presented their books, works, and authors. There were round tables organized with authors and more than 48.000 visitors came to buy books, talk about education and see the latest editions of world known authors.”

The 31st Education and Book Fair took place in Skopje, Republic of N. Macedonia where, according to the official statistics, more than 48.000 visitors visited the fair. During the three days, from 10-14 May 2019, MAQS participated and made presentations of MAQS and EAQUALS. Representative material was distributed to more than 150 visitors (age between 14 and 40 years old).

Language students, teachers and teenagers from high schools were interested in our stand and our work. They were passing by, getting promotional materials and asking different questions related to our activities and projects. The atmosphere was very pleasant. Those who wanted to get more information about the work of MAQS and EAQUALS were invited to our table where we had discussions and gave information about the benefits of being members of the two associations.

By drinking coffee and having non formal discussions we managed to give them vision and present what it means to be a part of this network. A lot of them (especially language professionals) were searching EAQUALS on internet immediately or took notes in order to make advanced research about the organization and possible cooperation with MAQS as an EAQUALS associate member.

There was big interest from language teachers, how to become member of the associations. It was great occasion to promote MAQS and EAQUALS and we hope that presenting the associations on the Fair will become a tradition.