Member Event Fund Report: OPTIMA Conference

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‘Optima would like to extend thanks to Eaquals for promoting quality in language learning and teaching through events like this one. We believe that without such support and care, it wouldn’t be possible to draw inspiration and ideas for continuous and sustained quality of the services we offer and strive to achieve.’

30-40 people attended this year’s OPTIMA and Eaquals Member Event entitled ‘Academic Management in the Changing World’. Themes included Quality Assurance, Classroom Management for YL, Teaching Reading and Pronunciation for YL, Emotional Intelligence.

Eaquals Executive Director, Lou MCLaughlin, presented for Eaquals, which reinforced the idea of Eaquals being a guarantee for quality assurance worldwide. Expected outcomes were accomplished as non-members of OPTIMA asked for membership and assistance in quality assurance for language learners in their respective institutions. Awareness of Eaquals and its activity was raised.

The conference proved to be informative and useful in terms of promoting quality standards in language teaching and learning. Representatives of state and private institutions attended.