Eaquals Members Future Learning Launch Groundbreaking Computational Thinking & Problem Solving Courses

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Future Learning has confirmed its position as a leading proponent of technology in Education with the launch of it’s Computational Thinking course which runs for the first time in Athlone and Sligo (Ireland), this July with 7-12 year olds. This is the latest exciting offering from a school which was founded to break the mould of English language learning, starting with its technology enhanced summer language programmes and project based mini-stay course for junior students.

David Ganly and Peter Lahiff of Future Learning explain that Computational Thinking & Problem Solving is the skill of breaking a problem down into a series of logical steps and rules that help any human or computer to solve them. This starts by breaking down the problem into smaller, more manageable pieces. Then using those pieces you look for patterns, and try to identify which details are relevant to solving the problem and which are not and so can be left out. Problem-solving skills are really valuable in every modern workplace. Educating young learners to use problem-solving in everyday life as a base for basic programming is the first step towards success in current and future careers as well as in life in general.

The aim of the new course is to introduce students to the problem-solving process. Students learn through solving logic problems and working in teams on the creation of a real electronic product from circuit boards and sensors or building and programming a robot. Students show their understanding by describing their team’s prototype product and how they used basic programming skills to solve the problems and get it working and what their role in the process was.

The course started out as one of Future Learning’s mini-stay projects which are offered during the school year at their Dublin centre. This summer it was rolled out to local students in Future Learning’s summer centres in Athlone and Sligo. The course will be offeref in their Athlone summer school for international students in 2020 and Future Learning plan to roll it out in 13 further locations around Ireland next summer for local students. This course is also being offered as a mini-stay option in their year round Dublin school.