European Profiling Grid (EPG) in Latin America

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Rafael Deschka, a member of the project team that developed the EPG and e-Grid, is now in charge of the Goethe Institut’s language programmes in South America. He and his team in Brazil have recently adapted the Portuguese version of the EPG for Brazilian users. They also intend to provide the additional translations needed to add Portuguese to the interactive section of the e-Grid website. Rafael has recently sent the following brief report:

“We are using now the EPG in almost all countries in South America to help teachers better understand, structure and verbalise their CPD needs, and also, for example, to support their applications for Goethe Institut scholarships.

We have presented the EPG to audiences outside the Goethe network during Congresses of teachers of German in Bogota (Colombia) and will continue to do so at similar conferences in Fortaleza (Brazil) next month and in Sao Paulo and elsewhere in 2020, as well as at other events in South America. The EPG is proving very helpful and very successful here.”

The EPG is now available in 13 languages as can be seen just above the table on this page of the e-Grid website. The interactive part of the website can now be used in six of these languages – see top right of the page.

If readers have examples of other developments or training events involving the EPG, the e-Grid or the Eaquals Framework for Teacher Training and Development, please send a brief summary to

Article by Richard Rossner