Marketing English in Ireland (MEI)’s Green Initiative

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At this year’s Eaquals Training for Excellence, Eaquals Executive Director, Lou McLaughlin, told attendees about Eaquals Environmental Policy and the steps we are taking to reduce our environmental impact. Following the event, David O’Grady, CEO of Marketing English in Ireland, got in touch to share details of their green initiative.

David acknowledges that with 125,000 students in 2018 alone, MEI have a large carbon footprint, which they aim to reduce on behalf of their 66 members.

For the last few years MEI have planted 66 native Irish broadleaf trees a year on behalf of each member school. This is done in conjunction with The Irish Tree Council who have sites especially designated for planting. Each year The Irish Tree Council issues a certificate for each tree planted, giving details such as the location.

Member schools can then display the certificate in their centre and online, further raising awareness to students, staff and visitors. Each tree is also labelled with the member school name.

Is your organisation taking steps to reduce their environmental impact? Let us know in the comments!