Eaquals Gold Star: Maria Heron, NILE

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Maria Heron, Senior Trainer & CELTA Centre Manager at NILE, was nominated by her colleague, Hanna K. Furre.

“Maria deserves an Eaquals and a NILE gold star for working tirelessly to motivate her colleagues and herself to adapt to the new realities of working from home. As for all of us, there was initial frustration with the differences and the hinderances, but she never gave up and quickly made the technology work for her. Now, due to Maria’s thought and effort, we all “walk into work” to a poem for the day on the Slack channel, ranging from Milne to Wordsworth and everything in between, and for our daily informal team catchups via Zoom, she has started providing a game or quiz to lighten the mood.

For Maria, the worst part of working from home is missing being in the training room. Hopefully she will get the chance to do some online teacher-training soon, where she will be making the most of it both for herself and the participants. All the other negatives are to do with the quarantine in general, i.e. not knowing when she’ll see her kids and grandkids, her family, going climbing again, having her hair done.. On the upside, she enjoys spending more time with her husband now that she’s at home all day! And she is tireless in going the extra mile to keep the whole team’s morale up too. Thank you, Maria.”