Eaquals Gold Star: Sarah Lally, International House Newcastle

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Sarah Lally, Teacher at International House Newcastle, was nominated by her colleague, Caroline Preston.

“In March 2020 we were faced with having to switch to online teaching almost overnight. Amongst all staff, experienced and less experienced there was a feeling of being overwhelmed. Sarah, with her COLT (Certificate in Online Learning) calmly steered us through the choppy waters. Supported by a team of amazing teachers, she went above and beyond her normal teaching role to make sure we were all trained in the shortest time possible. She set up CPD sessions in her own time in order for us all to be ready for the switch over. Her patience in dealing with the both technology and technophobes gave us all confidence to face the weeks ahead. No question was too big or too small for her. Thanks to Sarah, we feel that we are able to teach online with confidence and competence, something that seemed out of our reach just one month ago.”