Eaquals Gold Star: Lyubov Volokhova

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Lyubov Volokhova, Senior teacher of Russian at Liden & Denz, was nominated by Walter Denz.

“Lyubov Volokhova graduated from Herzen State University with a Degree in Russian Philology and Literate, and then got a second dgree in teaching Russian as a Foreign Language from the same University in 1998. Her first job was at St.Petersburg Conservatory, where Lyubov taught Russian to young opera singers and musicians.

Lyubov has been working at Liden and Denz since 2004. She loves teaching complex grammar such as verbal aspects and government. Her students usually point out and praise her skills at assisting building one’s own mental map, flawless pronunciation, and how well-read and well-spoken Lyubov is.

It was a personal challenge for her to switch to online teaching in less than a week. Lyubov never believed she could master any software but today she’s as confident in a zoom conference as she is in the classroom.

She continues delivering the highest standards of language learning online and manages to make all students feel involved, motivated, and encouraged.”