Eaquals presents webinars focussed on delivering online teaching

Given the current situation in many countries, there has been an immediate shift towards working online for many of our members. To help #eaqualsmembers and #eaqualsfamily adjust to these fast-changing circumstances, Eaquals offered a series of webinars focussed on delivering language teaching online. These webinars are available to both members and non-members.

Webinar 1 – Using Zoom to teach live online with Bethan Edwards, Specialist Language Courses

The webinar focuses on how to use Zoom as a live teaching platform for groups and individuals. It looks at the key features and how to use them in practice.

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Webinar 2 – Teaching asynchronously with Thom Kiddle, NILE

In this webinar, Thom looks at principles and practices in asynchronous online learning – that is, online learning activities that students do at a time of their own choosing in a virtual learning environment, and which is supported by tutors and/or pre- programmed feedback.

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Webinar 3 – Assisting with the management of online learning with Chris Farrell, CES

This webinar aims to assist managers with providing online support to teachers working remotely. Chris focusses on the unique challenges of this context andoks at not only continuing an emphasis on sustained teacher development but also on upskilling teachers in the area of online teaching.

Participants shared the following list of platforms and tools as the ones they are using in the move to online learning and teaching:

English Central | FutureLearn | linoit.com | Kahoot | Pearson Business Partner | LearningApps.org | Edmodo | Pearson Speak Out | Padlet | Google Classroom | Quizlet | ESL Brains | edTED | Slack | Trello | Cambridge LMS

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Webinar 4: Tuesday 14th April, 10:00 – 11:00 (BST) – An Introduction to Teaching YL Online with Sian Deeble

This webinar will include Safeguarding, features of Zoom for teaching YL and considerations for specific age groups.

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Webinar 5: Tuesday 28th April, 10:00 – 11:00 (BST) – Liam Brown: Managing in a world of online teaching – It’s still about People, Price, Product, Promotion & Place?

Liam Brown reflects on the context in which we are now working and what we should do to build on this in the transition to online delivery.

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Webinar 6: Wednesday 29th April, 14.00 – 15.00 (BST) – Management of transition to online teaching (a Case study from AVO Language & Examination centre)

The Team of AVO Language & Examination Centre shared their journey of managing the transition from face-to-face to on-line teaching from the management, from the teachers’ and from the clients’ perspective.

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Webinar 7: Tuesday 12th May, 10:00 – 11:00 (BST) – Julie Wallis: The flipped model: ensuring excellence in the VLE

In this session Julie presented a model for best practice using the flipped classroom to enhance online learning and ensure that there are opportunities for learner interaction and to develop their autonomy

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Webinar 8: Tuesday 19th May, 10:00 – 11:00 (BST) – Joanne Mitten: Remote Pastoral Care – Looking after student welfare during lockdown

Many private language schools have found themselves teaching their adult students online. But what do we do when these adult students are in lockdown in a country that isn’t their own, and they are separated from their friends and family? Academic provision alone might not be enough in these tough times. This webinar outlines how you can develop and deliver student welfare and social programme activities, even when we are all working remotely.

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Webinar 9: Wednesday 27th May, 10:00 – 11:00 (BST) – Thom Kiddle: Online Assessment

This webinar looked at all areas of online assessment including what assessment means in the current climate, how it can be implemented and some platforms and tools for this

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Webinar 10: Promotion and Customer Service – some new challenges for ELT with Liam Brown

In a post Covid 19 world – how much of what we do in ELT management remains the same and how much will need to change?
This webinar for managers and leaders in ELT focused on two candidates: promotion (one of the marketing mix Ps) which we’ll better translate as communication, and customer service: which we’ll improve to customer engagement. Both imply a more direct, real interaction with customers to build a new kind of relationship that benefits both.

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Webinar 11: Inclusion and supporting students with dyslexia with Joanna Paolinelli

The webinar looked at the real issues that students with dyslexia have and how we can increase inclusion by supporting them and giving them the tools they need to reach their objectives.   We looked at different methodologies and classroom ideas all aimed at motivating students with dyslexia, whilst at the same time helping them to improve their English.

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Webinar 12: Case Study with EC English | The Mother of Invention with Gillian Davidson & David Byrne

On 12th March the Maltese government announced that schools were to be closed from 16th March, within three weeks all 29 schools in the EC chain had been moved online – it was quite a task.

In this session we reviewed where we were heading before COVID and how we transitioned onto the online space, how we managed observations (and quality control) and some of the insights and best practices that we saw from doing these.

Finally, we discussed how we were planning to transition these lessons learned back into the full immersion programme.

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Webinar 13: Taking your school online: Case studies from IH Palermo and EC English with David Coarsey

When the Coronavirus crisis closed all of the schools in Italy, IH Palermo Language Centre successfully switched to a fully online model with their newly implemented GELnet platform. The key requirement was to convey the richness and quality of their educational program to their now remote students. EC English is a long-standing GEL client and used GEL to quickly move to a completely online school. Given their global operations, EC’s focus was to ensure consistency and quality across all of their online classes. Both have had strong results. In this session we will explore the process both schools went through and the key functions which have helped them to succeed.

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Webinar 14: Communicating effectively with your team in a crisis with George Pickering

Effective communication with your team is always crucial to your role as a leader/manager, but especially in a crisis. In this webinar we will discuss the what, the why and the how of communication, focusing primarily on remote teams. Reference will be made to purpose, trust, communication strategies and protocols, conducting effective check-ins and meetings and avoiding pitfalls such as the HiPPO effect.

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