Language Education in a Changing World

Language Education in a Changing World: Challenges and Opportunities – a brief conversation

With the help of Maria Heron, a NILE teacher trainer, Rod Bolitho and Richard Rossner have recently recorded a short video conversation about their recent book, which was published by Multilingual Matters in March this year. The discussion, which you can view here, offers some insights into the reasons for writing the book and information on its contents.

In the book language education is looked at from different perspectives: the teaching and learning of foreign or second languages; the role of literacy, oracy and language across the curriculum; the part played by different stakeholders in educational policy; and the current state of language teacher education and the ways in which language is addressed in the education of teachers of all subjects. Rod and Richard then consider how changes in the ways in which language is dealt with in education might help students more fully to develop the language awareness and linguistic and communicative competences that are now needed in order to participate fully and confidently in our increasingly diverse societies.

Further information can be found in the Multilingual Matters catalogue.