Eaquals Accreditation 2021 – A Review

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Eaquals Accreditation – 2021, A Review

This year has been marked with a gradual return of business as usual and further development of Eaquals accreditation.

Business as usual

We are pleased to report that 10 advisory visits, 5 first inspections and 15 re-inspections have been conducted: 14 of them online, 5 in a hybrid format (online combined with a site visit) and 11 face-to-face. Compared to 45 caried out in 2019, it is quite an achievement given the circumstances. I would like to thank Eaquals inspectors for agreeing to do inspections and advisory visits at short notice, for their willingness to travel despite the constraints and for piloting new inspection scenarios. It would not have been possible without unfailing support of Anna. Together with the colleagues on the Accreditation Panel we ran Inspector CPD Day at the conference in Belfast and an online training programme for those who were not able to attend in person. Earlier this year we launched the Scheme for Training New Inspectors. We received 80 applications and 12 inspector trainees completed the training programme. 6 of them have already done on-the job training.

Development of Eaquals accreditation portfolio

Further development of Eaquals accreditation has been the hallmark of this year. We have successfully launched the Scheme for Higher Education Institutions which is now fully operational alongside 7.2 Version of the main Scheme. The work on the development of the Scheme to Accredit Online Providers has been completed. The Eaquals accreditation portfolio includes now three Inspections Schemes. We are well prepared for the challenges the coming years will bring.

Accreditation Panel

The Accreditation Panel – composed of eight members – is responsible for moderation of inspection reports, and it also contributes to the development of the Inspection Scheme and inspector training. Galya Mateva will step down at this end of this month having served on the Panel for two years. On behalf of Eaquals I wish to thank her for the reports she has moderated, for her insight and constructive feedback. Galya will continue working as an Eaquals inspector. It is a pleasure to inform you that the Eaquals Board approved the appointment of Emma Heyderman as a member of the Panel so please join me in welcoming her on board. She is an experienced freelance inspector who has been active in Eaquals for a number of years.

Wishing you all a relaxing festive season and a happier New Year.