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ASSOCIATE MEMBER |  QLS (Quality in Language Services), Greece

About QLS

Established in 2002, QLS is an ISO 9001 certified network of 40 independent, private, quality Foreign Language Schools across Greece and has been an Eaquals Associate Member since 2005.

QLS draws on the dynamic co-operation of these successful schools which share common values, standards, and the vision of providing quality language services by striving to improve and evolve continuously. All member schools operate as autonomous entities and comply with the standards set by the QLS Quality Assessment Scheme.

To date, QLS has implemented 10 award-winning projects (see below), including innovative initiatives in the area of bullying prevention and volunteering.

Apart from Eaquals, QLS co-operates with other esteemed organisations such as the Cambridge ESOL Exams, the Hellenic-American Union, the French Institute, the Goethe Institute, PeopleCert, the Ariston Computer Academy, and The Diana Award Royal Charity for the six-year running QLS anti-bullying campaign. Moreover, QLS has its own approved CELTA Centre and Cambridge Assessment examinations centre

QLS Representative & Liaison

Asimenia Featham is the representative for Eaquals Associate Member QLS. Language School Owner, teacher trainer, Chair of QLS for 3 years, Team Leader of the QLS Online Book Club and Coordinator of the QLS Online School Debate Festival. She holds a Dip. Trans. IoL, MIL, MSc in TE, Aston University UK.

“QLS is very proud to be an Associate Member of Eaquals and belong to such a prestigious, dynamic and forward-looking, educational organisation”.

QLS & Eaquals – engagement

The invaluable networking and support provided by Eaquals to its members has contributed greatly to the development of QLS as the pioneering educational organisation it is now. In its infancy, QLS benefited enormously from Eaquals’ Quality Assessment Scheme. Moreover, through Eaquals, QLS was given the opportunity to network and co-operate with other countries on European projects such as the multi-language European Language Portfolio, the participation in the Leonardo da Vinci programme for the publication of ESP courses in Medicine, Law and Finance, to mention but a few.

This long-standing co-operation and support continues with Eaquals by sponsoring the QLS Online School Debate Festival, and funding the participation of QLS speakers in TESOL conferences and providing Eaquals speakers for QLS events. The plethora of high standard webinars provided by Eaquals during the past two years of the pandemic, have provided substantial educational support and have been greatly appreciated. QLS on its part participates in the Eaquals’ annual conferences with both participants and speakers and promotes Eaquals among its members, as well as in conferences, book exhibitions and events throughout Greece.

The QLS Project Teams work tirelessly to plan and implement original and innovative educational programmes (see below), designed to offer learners of foreign languages tuition which is linked to everyday life, as well as those life skills which will enable them to cope with the demands of modern society and the workplace in the 21st century. We would be delighted to share some of the award-winning programmes below with other members of Eaquals.

Please click on the relevant logo (below) to find out more about these projects.

  • QLP QLS Learning Profile
  • QLS Online School Debate Festival
  • Online Book Club
  • Jump Juniors Programme
  • QLS i-Learn Programme
  • Anti Bullying Campaign
  • Environmental Library







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