The Eaquals Teacher Award Scheme 2023




The mission of Eaquals is to foster excellence in language education across the world by providing guidance and support to teaching institutions and individuals.

Eaquals recognises the hard work and dedication required to be an outstanding teacher. The Eaquals Teacher Award was created to honour exceptional language teachers at all levels and in all contexts.

The main aim of the scheme is to promote and disseminate good practices in language teaching, to foster a culture of sharing and to appreciate those dedicated to the language teaching profession.



The winner of the Eaquals Teacher Award will receive:

  • €1,000 cash award
  • FREE registration, travel and accommodation to attend the 2023 Annual Conference in Tallinn on 28th and 29th of April 2023
  • A profile report in the Eaquals newsletter
  • An article report in the Eaquals eZine



Any language teacher who

  • has been a classroom teacher for a minimum of three years
  • is a member of an Eaquals accredited institution



A complete application consists of CV submission, one short essay and one letter of recommendation.

Applicants are evaluated on their ability to

  • inspire students of all backgrounds and abilities to learn
  • have a positive impact on students and colleagues
  • participate in continuing professional development
  • creative a support and encouraging learning environment by providing quality language instruction based on well-articulated theory, educational research and best practice
  • demonstrate involvement in the field
  • demonstrate evidence of positive teacher effect on students learning through formal and/or informal documentation
  • incorporate innovative and effective lesson strategies and evaluation techniques
  • demonstrate a commitment to language teaching


Application process

To complete the application, the following information is required:

  1. Applicants must fill in and submit both parts of the Application Form
  2. Applicants must supply a CV (2 pages maximum)
  3. Short essay which includes the following:
  4. Reasons for becoming a language teacher (250 words max)
  5. An account of professional development (200 words max) – Focus on teaching experience, workshops conducted, current involvement in and/or plans for future education and other endeavours or activities that would enhance teaching.
  6. Description of a specific lesson plan or project taught in the last year (300 words max) – Focus on the innovative qualities of the lesson plan, specific strategies, and evaluation techniques. Explain how the lesson motivate and encouraged students, and how the lesson plan is exemplary of overall mode of teaching rather than a singular occurrence.
  7. View on excellence in teaching (200 words max) – Explanation should be in the context of own teaching situation and students.
  8. Letter of recommendation (from colleague or student group)


How does the Eaquals Teacher Award work?

  • All Eaquals accredited members are invited to submit an application for the Eaquals Teacher Award 2023.
  • Applications must be in writing, using the templates provided by Eaquals.
  • The Eaquals Teacher Award is formally presented at the annual Eaquals conference in April each year.
  • Submissions are read blind and judged by an independent Eaquals committee who identify an outright winner based on the award criteria. If no entries are judged to be of sufficient merit, then the committee reserves the right not to award an outright winner.
  • Entries must be received by 24th February 2023


Please send applications to with the subject line “Eaquals Teacher Award + NAME