Eaquals – Always aiming high…now aiming for the star!

Aiming high…aiming for the star! 

We have come a long way since that infamous train ride in 1989 where Peter Brown and Patrick Claire came up with the idea of Eaquals, an association that would set quality standards amongst language providers, at a time when there were none.

Eaquals has since been acclaimed for continuously striving to attain high standards for the ultimate benefit of teachers, language learners and the language industry as a whole. The number of existing members and prospective members wishing to join Eaquals’ network every year is encouraging and helps us continue develop new ways to further support them. We are proud to say that we have three accreditation schemes designed to ensure high quality standards not only amongst languages schools, but also amongst higher education institutions and online providers.

Our support does not stop there! These past three years have not been easy for any of us but we are very proud to say that no member got left behind. We listened, we acted upon it and we made sure that our member’s needs were at the top of our priority list.

Quality and high standards are ingrained in our modus operandi and we have always aimed high. Now we are aiming for the star! It is now up to you to cast that vote.