New Eaquals Accredited Member: Glossomatheia

Glossomatheia the new Eaquals Accredited Member

New Eaquals Accredited Member: Glossomatheia


The Eaquals accreditation, is the badge of quality many seek in the sector as it enables providers of language education to demonstrate that they meet high international standards. In fact, we are proud to say that the Eaquals family grows year after year and today we are proud to announce that Glossomatheia Language Learning & Research Center has joined the Eaquals network of professionals and became our newest member to date.


Glossomatheia new Eaquals accredited memberGlossomatheia has been established since 1990 and is situated in Greece. They pride themselves in having cultivated an ‘innovative environment where experience, fresh ideas, and modern methodologies, turn the love for teaching into the joy of learning!




This language school promotes a holistic approach to language learning and puts forward an educational model

where learners are at the centre of everything, and their voice is given the importance it deserves. At Glossomatheia, they do not just teach foreign languages, they create a community where multilingualism is one of the tools for communication and self-expression. In fact, students learn through cooperation, respect, freedom and trust and they learn to use logic and love as two primary tools for examining life. On the other hand, the members of staff do not define themselves as language teachers but rather as visionary educators. They believe in the transformative power of education to inspire and emancipate people towards a better world, where justice and freedom prevail.


Glossomatheia new Eaquals accredited memberThey offer courses for children, adolescents and adults which include Inquiring Minds, Deeper Learning, EAP, ESP, Business English and Exam Preparation courses. Moreover, learners have the opportunity of choosing from ten languages including English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Russian and Greek.



Maria Davou, the Director of the language centre said that “our decision to apply for Eaquals accreditation was based on our need to evaluate our own practices thoroughly and improve our services. We wish to become part of the most prestigious language education group, network with the best and learn from each other.



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